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How to Anchor Down Apple Limbs (With Pictures)

How to Anchor Down Apple Limbs (With Pictures)

Here is how we recommend anchoring limbs down while preventing a tripping hazard and from accidentally strangling the branch when it grows.We use this technique to get a good fruiting structure for our fruit trees.

This technique uses a strand of synthetic twine.

1. Put your anchor close to the base of the tree.

2. Start a loop on one end to build an anchor.


3. Begin tying a knot with itself.

4. Loop through.


5. Pull it tight to make an anchor end.

6. Attach anchor end.

7. Loop the twine over the branch you want to tie down and pull the branch down with the twine.

8. Hold both ends about 4" away from the top creating a loop, while you hold the tensions.

9. Start a knot below your hand.

10. Cinch the knot by pulling upward into where your fingers are holding tight.

11. Create another knot in the same way.

12. Cinch the knot up into your fingers.

13. Once you're sure the two knots are tight together, let go.

That's all there is to it.

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