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Software and Hardware Learn and Study (NOLA Hacker)

Software and Hardware Learn and Study (NOLA Hacker)

Do you know what a hacker is?
No, not the kind that the government and the media want you to be worried about.

Are you interested in making computers and computerized systems actually work? Especially for a good purpose? That's what a hacker is and does.

Work and Study

We are working on a project that has the potentially to dramatically improve the access and availability of great food in the New Orleans area. (Northshore,  New Orleans, and Baton Rouge). We are doing this through a combination of custom software and hardware.

This is where you come in. We are looking for one or two "NOLA based Hackers" to help make this a possibility. This is an opportunity to learn and apply practical and technical skills to solve real world problems, using computers and computerized devices.

You bring what you currently know and we'll teach you the other aspects. This is fast paced, so interest and desire is far more important than a college degree. Some experience necessary, but let us figure out how much you have.

What to Do

Send an email to here. State your name. What you are doing now, what you have done in the past and tell us what motivates you. (For us its, growing fruit trees and getting them out there.)

Some Skills/Tech Currently Being Used

  • Python Programming
  • GIT
  • Linux
  • Internet of Things (IOT, Raspberry Pi, Arduinos)
  • SQL Databases (SQLite, MySQL)

Email To Learn More

Email service@dixiefruits.com

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