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Fontainebleau High School Breaks Ground on Edible Schoolyard

David Triche, the new agriculture science teacher at Fontainebleau High School, believes that students need to learn a critical skill: How to grow their own food. Students in the agriculture department are excited about Triche’s new project to transform the school grounds into a modern edible landscape by filling unused spaces with fruiting bushes and trees.

“I want to take the students out of the classroom and into the real world where they can learn practical skills through experience.”

Out of the classroom and into the real world

In his short tenure, Triche has leap frogged their agriculture science program with the installation of a chicken coop, compost bins and over thirty raised beds. With a bit of hard work, they have managed to turn the school into a veritable Garden of Eden.

This immersive program introduces students to concepts of sustainable living and gives them experience providing for themselves. Of the many practical lessons, students collect leaves and surplus produce from the cafeteria to build compost for their raised garden beds.

With the introduction of fruit trees and bushes, the students will be learning a whole new host of skills. In addition to planting trees, these agriculture students will be learning soil management techniques useful for growing in the Southeast.

Fontainebleau administrators stand in support of Triche’s work. When asked if fruit trees could be planted the response, was surprising.

“Let’s do it.”

This planting effort will be designed by Dixie Fruits, who are contributing the plants and the know-how to make this possible. These designer fruit systems include arrays of hardy southern staples and tough native fruit trees. They plan to cover the school grounds with blueberries, persimmons, southern apples, mayhaws as well-as under-utilized fruits like mulberries and elderberries.


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