Dixie Fruits

Fontainebleau High School

The Edible School Yard Project

Starting in 2016, Fontainebleau High School started building an Edible School Yard. Within a short time a few raised beds, turned into dozens, and with the help of Dixie Fruits, there are now over 70 fruit trees and bushes.

Returns for the Community

The investment in Fontainebleau High School will result in a more enriched community. Students will eventually be able to enjoy, and know about better food, and products will be brought to the community.

Do not be surprised if here soon you taste a jelly or jam produced at FHS entirely from the trees that have available.

Citizens of the past used to know what a Mulberry tree looked like and tasted like. Those days have passed and many of the students

The Students are Learning Real Skills

An Ornamental Pear, Now Grafted into an Edible Pear

Students aren't just learning about how food is grown, but actually growing it themselves. Most students hadn't used power tools before or planted trees, but these students have now. Most people have never learned basic knife handling skills, but these students now have learned how to graft, and know that they can convert ornamental bradford pear trees into edible pears. 

10% Off All Plants for FHS Families

To show our growing commitment to the community around FHS, Dixie Fruits is offering 10% off all plant orders.

Just use the code 10FHSESY when checking out, or if you come visit us locally say you're a parent of an FHS student and we'll take 10% off.

 More Pictures


At Planting

Just 7 months later

Over 76 empty tree pots.

Mulberry trees growing well.

The largest performing tree. It has grown over 9' in 7 months!

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