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Ahh... The Individual

The future of fruit begins and ends with a home owner. We know you want fruit for one purpose, to eat it. We're homeowners too, we play the same song and dance. We know you have a unique situation, and you only like certain tastes with fruit. We know that you get upset (rightfully) when a plant dies, or that bargin bin tree you thought would produce well, doesn't.

Home Fruit Made Easy. Complexity is Handled

Fruit growing can be a complicated endeavor if you're doing it by yourself. Most do not have great results because they do not have a system. The internet is full of rehashed and stale ideas that don't provide very good results. Instead of us purely lecturing on this topic anymore, we've decided to start making it much easier to have good results.

We formulate systems, that are delicious, easy to use for a human, and are driven by nature.

In The Near Future

Dixie Fruits will be releasing our systems in a retail format. Join our newsletter below if you are interested in hearing when these are ready.

You don't have to be a pomologist to eat like one.

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