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Systems Are What Yield Fruit

Everything changes when you use a system. Our needs and expectations actually have the ability to be met, since they’re met by design. With a bit of research (years), tweaking and late night design sessions we’ve come up with a number of systems for fruit growing, that fit just about anywhere.

An example is the design of the All Season Apple Harvest which runs for the entirety of the known apple season, that’s close to 7 months, using the best varieties from antiquity ‘til today. Now that’s the power of a system.

Since it is Dixie Fruit’s mission to leap frog growers rather than leaving them to fend for themselves, we must tell you some of the secrets to getting fruit to grow outside your door, especially if it’s in the south.

Before you give yourself a headache by buying bargain fruit trees at a box store nursery and then using their generic, one size fits all instructions, please read on.

Fruit is the Focus. Especially the Best Ones.

We stay focused on the actual fruit. For some, that means they want to completely replace grocery store fruit with “the fruit of the gods”, while others take a bit more of a pragmatic perspective of storing great home canned goods for later use. There are specific fruits for every usage and taste bud out there.

What Are Your Tastebuds?

This is the key to a fruit system. If you like sweet apples, make sure to get some. If you don’t like tart apple, then you need to steer clear of the tart ones. It seems obvious, but after seeing how many people buy the wrong fruits for themselves we’ve found we have needed to point this out. What is great about this, is there are dozens and hundreds of varieties of fruits that can fill these needs for us, so there is no need to get become satisfied with an underperforming ones.

How Much Fruit and When?

Most people want fruit frequently, want it regularly, and they want it diverse. I mean who wouldn’t want fresh fruit year round? Keeping this fact in mind, most people set themselves up to varieties of fruit once or twice a year that usually comes in extreme excess.

Have you ever tried to eat more than 2-3 apples in a day? How about over 50 of the same type of apples in 2 weeks? We don’t recommend it.

This is all preventable, with a system.

For Humans It Should Be Easy

We get it, we’re human as well. We humans need things easy, especially when we’re a bit absent minded at times. Systems need to take this isn’t account. Fruits, especially from perennial long lived plants, shouldn’t be the result of babying and “taking care” of plants.

Try forgetting you have a veggie garden for a month.

A designed system takes a human’s needs and where they live into account and builds something around them. This is why we use the hardiest and most adapted fruits for our systems. It just makes sense.

The Form of Easy

Making things easy often comes from examining and choosing the right form.

Caution: The most common mistake people make is thinking that fruit is a “tree”. These are two different words with two entirely different meanings.  Let me help reel you back into reality.

Fruits are not trees, they’re FRUIT.

We had to caution you on this because industry calls them “fruit trees” even though they can grow in whatever shape or location you want. A “tree” is a shape and form that a plant can exist in depending on what its environment allows. Sometimes we’ll need fruit to grow as a boundary with our neighbors and sometimes as a fruit cocktail on a tiny condo backyard. You can take our word for it or research it but fruit has been grown in many ways since roman times.

Fruit Because of Nature, Not in Spite of It

The gold standard of all fruit is high in taste with no toxic sprays. For some this may seem fanciful, for Dixie Fruits, this is the standard by which we design. People want fruit, not sprays.

Systems that use the powers of nature rather than through force have the ultimate advantage. Less input and less work is necessary. Plants that actually have to contend with nature end up adapting, and can often take on unique local flavors. (Coined terroir).

Will these plants be breaking records (and some limbs) by having the most fruit? Not likely. Will there be some bad apples? Yeah, probably. But you know what it they don't require? Your undivided attention. 


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