Dixie Fruits

The FruitCube

A Backyard Fruit-in-a-box

The FruitCube has it all. Eight varieties of antique and heirloom southern apples that ripen from June through November, a super simple “IKEA like manual”, and it even helps remove some of that grass you don’t want to mow.

That’s Designer magic.

Fruit as Easy as 1, 2, 3

The secret to getting fruit, is planting more, much more. Fortunately Dixie Fruits thought of how anyone can get more for less. If the FruitCube has you wondering...

“Wait... How many varieties can I fit in my backyard?”

Don’t worry that’s normal. (It’s at least 8) The manual filled with simple diagram shows,
(not tells) how.

Did You Hear The News?

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