Dixie Fruits

There are some phenomena that can only be experienced.

Some, are so great that when we come into contact with them, they completely consume our thoughts. 

If there was anything out there that does this, its fruit.

a southern apple

This is one such fruit, found near the coast of Alabama. On the outside it may seem like just any old apple. But a single taste will likely leave you speechless, dumbfounded and wondering how you could have ever lived without it.

The term “forbidden fruit” does exist for a reason.

"But where is this apple?" You may ask.

Along with all the other forbidden fruit, they aren’t coming to a grocery store shelf anytime soon. The fruit we all desire most, it turns out, must live alongside us. 

What if people knew that fruits they desired most can grow naturally outside their door...

Soon, suburb streets throughout the southeast will be lined with fruit. Fruit will surround our homes and cul-de-sacs. Line the walkways of our parks and bike paths.

Condos and apartments will begin installing their own upicks for residents, while lining the wilderness edges with edible fruits. University and corporate campuses will be lined with their own signature fruits.

Residents of retirement homes will now be able to eat the fruit they’ve never been able to taste.

This is the Future of Fruit

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