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Wholesale for Craigslist: Welcome

Now You Can Landscape Year Round With Fruit Trees

In order to build a better future starting now, DF is interested in getting as many fruit trees out to the Southeast as possible. Even more so, we want to get out as many fruits as we can to those who live around us locally. 

The areas around Lake Pontchartrain are our homes.

About Our Wholesale Deal

Regardless if you are a landscaper, homeowner, or farmer we want to provide an outlet for bulk purchases of our fruits to the public. This is not as easy as it sounds since we're working on all the other aspects of growing a new nursery based business.

But one way that we can make it work is through sizable enough wholesale orders that come directly from our farm in Bush, LA.

Minimum Order is $500.

You can mix and match anything you want that we have available on our wholesale list.

Click Here for Wholesale List

Contact Today

Give us a call at 1-888-633-4943 to setup a time.


Send an email to sales@dixiefruits.com with the "Craigslist Wholesale" in the title.

We will provide you with any latest information and the address to the farm.

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