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Get Fresh Fruit Year Round With Less Toil,
Improve The Environment While Having a Good Time.

Warning: This is only for those living in the humid subtropical Southeast.

Let's face it, the Southeast has seen better days, especially for food.

The South used to be home to an agrarian, self-sufficient culture but has since experienced considerable decay. Its heirloom seeds and fruits, once cherished have started going extinct and a complete amnesia of what can actually grow here has set in.

Few seem to have any idea what can actually be grown here.

Did you know that you can grow fruit for 12 months of the year?

Did you know you can grow apples?

There were over 2000 named varieties of apples growing in the Southeast in the early 20th century. Dozens and dozens along the Gulf Coast from Texas through Florida and up to coastal North Carolina. They were literally growing in every micro-climate.

Did you know you can grow citrus?

Those on the gulf coast know this already, but others have no clue they could be growing cold hardy citrus. Some very-usable citrus can handle 12 degrees without protection, and even lower with a heat lamps. You could be eating lemons, limes, grapefruits and satsumas.

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