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Bramley's Seedling


Bramley's Seedling
Bramley's Seedling Bramley's Seedling


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Color: Green- Yellow, often has red stripes, yellow flesh

Texture: juicy, firm

Taste: Tart, tangy sharp

Size: large

Uses: Cooking, baking, smoothies, purees, preserves, storage, pies, sauces, cider, juice

Storage: up to 3 months

Recipe Suggestions: Coming Soon!


Growing Conditions: partial to full sun, 6+ sun hours. Bramley’s a trifloid, 3 sets of genes, need two other apples, to pollinate Bramley, another to pollinate the first for fruit production

Ripening: late September


Origin: 1809 Nottinghamshire, England

Fun Facts: Referred to in Bramley, England as “the definitive English cooking apple.” Original tree planted in 1809, was still around for the 200 year anniversary. Original tree raised by Mary Ann Brailsford, a young girl in Nottinham, England. Brambling names after Matthew Bramley, a later owner of the property tree resided on, who allowed it’s propagation.

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