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Carolina Red June


Carolina Red June
Carolina Red June Carolina Red June


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Color: dark red skin, white flesh, occasionally stained red flesh

Texture: mealy, fine- grained, tender, crisp

Taste: complex, mild

Size: small- medium

Uses: applesauce, fresh, pie, cider


Ideal Growing Conditions: partial to full sun, 6+ sun hours

Ripening: June/July, can also produce again in Fall                       

Recipes: Coming Soon!


Origin: Tennessee, early 1800s

AKA: Blush June, Blush June Red, Georgia June, Kright’s Red June, Red Harvest, Jones June, Jones Early Harvest, Summer Red, Everbearing Red June, Red June, Red Juneating, Carolina Red, Improved Red June, Sheepnose Crab

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