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Cauley Cauley


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As crisp and satisfying as an autumn morning in Mississippi.


Color: red striping with green- yellow skin underneath. Yellow flesh.

Texture: crisp, juicy

Taste: tart, tangy

Size: large to very large, can weigh over a pound

Uses: baking, cooking, drying, fresh- eating

Recipe Suggestions: Coming Soon!


Growing Conditions: partial to full sun, 6+ sun hours

Ripening: August/ September. July picking for baking/ cooking.


Origin: MS, USA, prior to 1860s

AKA: Cally, Colley

Fun Fact: Cauley almost went extinct. Re- propagated in 1919 in Grenada, Mississippi from John Cauley’s yard. Grafted in Stoneville, MA at the Delta Branch Agricultural Experiment Station. 1927 Mississippi River flood left one tree remaining, which produced over a ton of apples in the 1930s.

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