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Dula Beauty


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Rich Crimson Skin that Covers a Crisp Juicy Flesh.


Color: dark red skin with darker red stripes, yellowish- white flesh

Texture: firm, tender, crisp, juicy

Taste: complex with a sweet bite

Size: large to very large

Uses: fresh- eating, apple pie, stores well


Growing Conditions: strong, vigorous; all growing conditions, grows well in bottomlands and hillsides. Partial to full sun, 6 plus sun hours.

Ripens: September/ October.


Origins: Lenoir, NC, USA, late 1800s.

AKA: Coffey Seedling, Dula

Fun Fact: comes from Limbertwig seeds that were planted by Julius Abram Dula from Lenoir, NC; NC Dept of Agriculture recommended Dula for Piedmont growers in 1908.

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